Sapele wood

Entandrophragma cylindricum, commonly known as the sapele or sapelli is a large tree native to tropical Africa. The tree is also known as aboudikro. Color tends to darken with age.

Besides the common ribbon pattern seen on quartersawn . This timber travels a long distance to . Tonally, it does everything that mahogany does, with a little extra treble zing.

Gorgeous mahogany look-alike with a slightly finer texture than Honduras Mahogany, and a typically interlocked grain. The wood is light to deep reddish brown. This is the latests in our series of videos on our blog and channel for your enjoyment. African mahogany and sapele are the two that compete against each.

The color tends to darken with age. This attractive wood is half the price of Mahogany and easy on your tools, but watch out for the dust. Hearne Hardwoods with over 1species of domestic and exotic hardwoods in stock, is one of the largest specialty lumber yards in the world.

Elegant and Refined – Excellent for Furniture Making, Cabinetwork, . The one element common to all wood is that every species is comprised of.

Tectona grandis – A popular hardwood . Rich heartwood colored in golden . Bailey Wood Products offers sapele lumber for furniture, cabinet work, and joinery. What is most appreciated from sapele wood is its resistance to putrefaction and durability to the weather. You can find it in MAJOFESA (Valencia, Spain). Sapele hardwood milled to your specs.

Click to see pictures of our entire stock of this wood species. Each is in stock and ready to ship . A remarkable feature of sapele is that the grain is interlocked and changes . Origin: Africa Availability: limited availability. Price range: € Veneer thicknesses: 0. This African wood is almost entirely weather and rot resistant. Occasionally mottle figure is present, It is fairly close . Our facility produces Birdseye Maple Lumber, Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) Lumber and we stock . Hardwood Lumber Company specializes in manufacturing quality butcher block countertops and wood countertops. When “Solid” is note that is the version available.

As a long-time favorite of furniture and cabinet makers, Genuine Mahogany has enjoyed centuries of . Searching for the perfect sapele wood items?

Shop at Etsy to find unique and handmade sapele wood related items directly from our sellers. Swiss designer Carlo Borer gives this powerful little fan a clean, modern look by combining natural African sapele wood with high-grade stainless steel. Most of the finished interiors are now constructed with the beautiful–and sustainable– sapele wood.